About Bowtie

Bowtie is an iOS app for keeping score. It is designed as a replacement to pen and paper for card games where you tally scores at the end of each round.

How to Use

Only a single person needs to download and use Bowtie.

Before the game starts, someone creates a new game in Bowtie and adds everyone who is playing. Each player has a colour associated with them and you can reuse players between games.

During the card game, a single person uses Bowtie to enter scores for everyone after each round. Bowtie shows a leaderboard of everyone in the game and even graphs their scores over time.


Bowtie has a premium version that can be purchased with an single in app purchase ($2.99 USD). Premium gives you additional cosmetic customization options in the app. It also allows you to show your appreciation of the app and encourages the developer (me) to continue adding features and updates.

But please note, the core features of Bowtie will always remain free and without ads.

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